Our themes

Aware of the cross-cutting nature of sustainable development issues, we have organised our approach around three thematic clusters made up of several teams. We want to keep in mind the absolute necessity of coherence of the work between all the teams.

Environment Unit

Biodiversity Team
Biodiversity Team
Climate & Resilience Team Climate & Resilience Team
Climate & Resilience Team
Resources & Transitions Team Resources & Transitions Team
Resources & Transitions Team

Social Unit

Inclusion Team
Inclusion Team
Solidarity Team Solidarity Team
Solidarity Team

Governance Unit

Economy Team
Economy Team
Institutional Team
Institutional Team

These three poles, directly linked to the Association's missions, are set in motion thanks to a pole with an essentially organic aim:

Support Division: its mission is to ensure the Association's influence both internally and with all stakeholders. To do this, it is made up of 6 teams:

Communication team

To promote the results of the Association’s work and its various activities

Sustainable Development Mural Team

  • to publicise and disseminate the “Sustainable Development Fresco” tool
  • to gather and lead a community of users of the tool
  • to design and provide them with educational material

Partnerships and associative life team

  • manage the relationship with the Association’s funders
  • develop the partnership activity,
  • managing relations with volunteer members and with donor members and major donor members
  • coordinate local groups

Project team

  • to ensure the effectiveness of the conditions necessary for the launch of new projects
  • coordinating all the Association’s projects
  • supporting the teams of the operational divisions in the administrative and financial monitoring of projects

Information systems team

  • designing and maintaining an information system adapted to the service of the Association
  • to ensure the proper functioning and security of IT services;

Treasury team

ensure sound financial management of the Association and its budget.